November 6, 2017

One of the questions dentists hear most often from patients is, “What toothpaste should I use?” Most patients don’t love the typical answer, “It’s up to you.” However, the most important factor in picking a toothpaste is choosing a product that you like. Whether it’s the flavor, aroma, or the texture you like, as long as you consistently brush your teeth, your toothpaste should do its job, keeping your teeth clean. In this post, you can learn some basics to better understand what to look for and how to make the right toothpaste choice for your unique smile. You can also be one of the patients who asks their dentist for a recommendation during your next preventive dentistry checkup. Dentists and dental hygienists are always happy to help their patients make these choices.

Reading the Ingredient List

Most people know that fluoride is an important ingredient in tooth paste, but many patients aren’t sure what the other toothpaste ingredients are or what they do. Some of the common ingredients found in toothpaste and other oral hygiene products include:

  • Anti-cavity – fluoride
  • Sensitivity – potassium nitrate
  • Anti-gingivitis – stannous fluoride and triclosan
  • Anti-tartar – Pyrophosphates, triclosan and zinc citrate
  • Stains – silica abrasives, enzymes, hydrogen or carbamide peroxide

Picking the Right Toothpaste

Keeping the above ingredients and their uses in mind, look for a toothpaste that addresses your unique needs and meets the American Dental Association standard for approval. If you find a toothpaste with the ADA seal of approval, you know this product will contain effective ingredients and keep your smile clean.

Keeping your Smile Healthy

Whatever toothpaste you choose, a good brushing technique is essential to ensure you maintain your healthiest smile. Consider the following tips to improve your at-home dental care routine:

  • Brush for at least two minutes at a time
  • Brush at least two times each day, but consider brushing about 30 minutes after meals to further improve oral health
  • Brush teeth systematically, not randomly, to ensure you brush each tooth
  • Brush the front, back, and tops of teeth
  • Brush with the bristles at an angle toward the gum line
  • Brush with soft or ultra soft bristled toothbrushes
  • Do not press hard while brushing

Meet Dr. Gaitsgory

At the Framingham dentistry office of Marianna Gaitsgory, DMD, we’re always here to help our patients improve their oral health and hygiene routines. Please don’t hesitate to ask our dentist or hygienist about your current toothpaste, floss, or other products during your next dental checkup. We’ll walk you through the best ways to care for your smile at home, and make recommendations for toothpastes that may be right for you. If you suffer from chronic tooth decay, we may even recommend a prescription toothpaste. Call the Framingham Premier Dental team to find out more or schedule a dental checkup. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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