At different ages, we all need specific healthcare. Senior patients have a different set of needs than kids or younger adults. Many patients don’t know that they need to change the way they take care of their smiles as they age, but a good dentist should partner with you to maintain good in-office and at-home dental care routines to ensure you keep a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. In this post, we’ll discuss the effects of aging on your oral health and how you and your dentist can work together to improve the lifetime health of your smile during dental checkups and by optimizing at-home oral hygiene routines.

Common Oral Health Issues for Seniors

There are many ways that oral health changes as we age. Some of the most common oral health issues seniors struggle with include:

  • Dry mouth – taking more prescription medications coupled with reduced saliva production as we age can lead to dry mouth. This oral health issue may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, but actually, it can lead to numerous serious concerns, including tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive dental wear.
  • Increased risk for gum disease – dry mouth and decreased immune function can both increase patients’ risk to suffer from periodontal (gum) disease due to the greater levels of plaque production and diminished ability to neutralize plaque acidity.
  • Tooth loss – older patients are more likely to lose teeth as years of dental wear and damage take their toll.

Gum Disease & Aging

As we age, we’re at greater risk for systemic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. What many patients don’t know is that gum disease increases your risk for and the severity of your illness. Gum disease has been connected to numerous whole body health issues, and unless your periodontal health issues are treated at the same time as your whole body health concerns, you may not be adequately addressing either. A skilled dentist can help you understand how gum disease and other oral health issues can impact your whole body and help you to maintain complete health.

Maintaining Optimal Oral Health for Life

The key to keeping your smile healthy for life is to visit your dentist at least twice a year for dental checkups. These biannual appointments give your dental team the opportunity to screen for common warning signs of dental disease or damage and partner with you to prevent many oral health concerns before they begin. We can walk you through how best to care for your smile at home between office visits.

Meet Dr. Gaitsgory

Skilled preventive dentist, Marianna Gaitsgory, DMD, and her team at Framingham Premier Dental offer personalized oral health care plans to ensure patients’ smiles remain healthy at every age. For senior patients, that may mean changing oral hygiene products, visiting us more often, or partnering with your physician to maximize the efficacy of oral and overall health care plans. If you’re ready to start your customized treatment plan at any age, call our Framingham dentist and team today. We’ll partner with you to create a plan that will ensure you keep a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

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