When it comes to your dental health, you rely on the care from your dentist in Framingham to ensure that your smile stays healthy for a lifetime. However, as you age, your needs are going to change. It is not uncommon to develop issues that require specialized services, like periodontal disease or tooth loss. When this happens, you need a highly trained professional who has received advanced training in the area. Often, this requires you to be sent to a different location to get the care you need. However, by choosing an office that has a periodontist on site, you will receive the services that you need under one roof.

Benefit from a Periodontist

In addition to the general dentistry requirements, a periodontist has undergone extensive training to specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease while also holding vast knowledge about the placement of dental implants. They are experts in oral inflammation due to three years of additional education for treating periodontal disease while also trained in cosmetic periodontal procedures and tooth replacement solutions.

Periodontal Disease

Although a general dentist can often treat the early stages of gum disease, as it progresses, you will need more advanced care to resolve the issues that arise, such as bone degeneration. A periodontist will find the underlying cause of the infection and create a proactive treatment plan to restore gum health while also repairing the damages that have occurred.

However, they do not just focus on the infection. They have knowledge regarding how other illnesses and diseases impact gum health, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. This allows them to create a more effective treatment plan by understanding the complexity of the issue in its entirety.

Dental Implant Placement

In addition to gum disease, they are also the best choice for an implant dentist in Framingham because they understand the biology of the mouth to perform successful oral surgery procedures. As a surgical specialist, a periodontist lowers the risk for complications when placing dental implant posts.

The long-term success of the procedure involves the correct placement of the posts, as well as preventing infections that can cause them to fail. A periodontist holds extensive training to reduce the risk for failure by treating and preventing oral inflammation. In addition, they will help to promote the jawbone properly fusing to the post by ensuring no underlying factors will cause complications.

Complete Services Under One Roof

When choosing a dentist, you do not want to be referred to another location as your oral health needs change. Look for a location that has a periodontist on their team to receive the comprehensive care that you need under one roof.

About Dr. Jean-Marie Biebuyk

Dr. Jean Marie Biebuyk not only earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, but is also an expert in periodontics. He holds extensive training in treating periodontal issues and has place over 1,000 dental implants. If you have periodontal complications or need dental implant placement, contact Framingham Premier Dental to discuss your options with Dr. Biebuyk.

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