Important Invisalign Questions & Answers

You’ve probably heard of Invisalign if you’re interested in straightening your teeth. Namely, it’s a series of clear aligning trays that gives you a nice smile. However, you may have some unaddressed concerns about the procedure.

Your Framingham dentist has you covered. Here’s a summary of four important Invisalign questions and answers to help you learn about the treatment.

Will Wearing Invisalign Trays Hurt?

In truth, your teeth will feel sore and sensitive at the beginning of the process. This discomfort will mainly take place during the first week of treatment. For instance, your soft oral tissues may develop sore spots.

Even so, remember that these symptoms are normal. Your discomfort stems from your trays applying force on your teeth to make them move.

Luckily, the soreness and pain will begin to fade after the first week. While you may have some soreness or irritation when changing trays, that can be easily managed.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Generally, Invisalign treatment takes between twelve to eighteen months to complete. However, many factors affect the amount of time you’ll need to finish up.

For instance, consider the guidelines on Invisalign wear-time. Dentists recommend wearing your aligning trays between twenty to twenty-two hours a day. Not doing so will result in a major decrease in the speed and effectiveness of treatment.

Can You Whiten Your Teeth During Treatment?

Perhaps surprisingly, you can whiten your teeth during your Invisalign journey. Simply apply the right bleaching gel to each tooth in the tray and keep it there for thirty-to-sixty minutes per day.

For other teeth whitening help, ask your dentist which products they recommend. They’ll give you expert recommendations and advice to keep you from harming your teeth.

Will The Aligning Trays Affect How I Speak?

At first, yes. Your tongue won’t speak normally