Summer Oral Health Tips Framingham

Summer is here! This means that the kids have finally finished their schoolwork and you may even have some fun activities planned for you and your family. Whether that consists of a big trip or just relaxing in the backyard, your family’s smiles should not be forgotten. Your family dentist in Framingham shares some tips and tricks to help avoid dental emergencies and maintain healthy teeth.

Establish an Oral Hygiene Routine

Since the kids are home from school, this is the perfect time to establish a permanent oral hygiene routine to upkeep their smiles. This should include brushing twice and flossing once daily. Also, you shouldn’t forget to schedule regular dental visits. Having regular cleanings and checkups is crucial to maintain good oral health.

Make Healthy Choices

When it is hot outside, you may feel the urge to reach for an ice-cold sports drink or a bowl of ice cream from the freezer. While there is nothing wrong with doing this on occasion, frequently sipping and snacking on sugary things ultimately leads to increased tooth decay and more time getting fillings. Limit your family’s intake of these treats and stock up on healthy snacks instead. You could try sliced apples, yogurt, baby carrots, cheese, nuts, or celery.

Stay Hydrated!

Water is the best thing you can drink to stay hydrated and it benefits your entire body. After all, you’re made up of 60% water. When you drink it frequently, you neutralize harmful acid that causes tooth decay, wash away food debris, and prevent dry mouth. Tap water is usually the best option because it often contains fluoride, which is especially important for younger children whose smiles are still developing.

Only Use Teeth for Chewing Food

Remind your children that their teeth are meant for chewing their food, not for opening