Enjoy At-Home Teeth Whitening in Framingham Today!

Reserving the effects of tooth discoloration is no easy task. To lighten the appearance of stains, you have likely tried a few over-the-counter products, but you were left disappointed because you did not achieve any real change. You know professional teeth whitening in Framingham can give you the results you want; however, in-office treatments can be expensive. Framingham Premier Dental strives to keep our services competitive. We will help you get the bright smile you want while staying within your budget.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Your teeth naturally darken over the years because your enamel becomes thinner from daily wear and tear. This causes more of your yellowish dentin to be more visible. Besides age, there are several other factors that influence the brightness of your teeth, like poor oral hygiene habits. Consuming darkly pigmented foods and drinks will also cause your teeth to change color over time as well as smoking.

Combating Tooth Discoloration

To restore a bright smile, you have likely tried a few over-the-counter whitening products. Although toothpastes, stripes, and mouthrinses are convenient, they will not give you the results you want. They do not contain professional-grade whitening agents, so they cannot deeply penetrate the enamel. They only slightly improve surface stains, but the results will not last.

To help you achieve the drastic results you want, we have the solution you need with an at-home kit. We use Zoom! Whitening to help you achieve drastic, lasting results. After an initial consultation, we provide you with everything you need to brighten your teeth at home. We give you custom-fit whitening trays to ensure the even and consistent distribution of the whitening agent. You use the trays and the whitening gel every day for about 2 weeks. Your teeth can become as much as 8 to 10 shades

An Implant Dentist in Framingham Explains How Dental Implants Are Put Together

Dental implants from an implant dentist in Framingham are designed to last for decades. That’s because they’re crafted from medical-grade materials that are not only strong but exceptionally lightweight. Modern dental implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

 How Dental Implants Are Created

Dental implants are made up of three separate components. These include the fixture, the abutment, and the restoration itself. Here’s how they fit together:

  1. The fixture. This is what gives the implant its remarkable strength. It consists of a tiny titanium fixture that sits beneath the gum line and fuses to the bones in your jaw, just like the roots of a natural tooth. Dentists use titanium for this purpose, the same metal used to make airplane wings.
  2. The abutment. This is what joins the fixture to the restoration itself. It’s added after the fixture fuses to the underlying bone through a natural process called osseointegration.
  3. The restoration. Sometimes called the “prosthesis,” this is the artificial tooth, denture, or bridge that serves as the visible tooth. It’s made from a mixture of ceramic and other materials.

How Dental Implant Therapy Works

Dental implant therapy occurs in stages. The first step is to emplace the fixture. Like any other form of dental surgery, this is performed using anesthesia and sedatives for your comfort.

The dentist will place the fixture underneath the gum line and close the surrounding tissue over the area of treatment. A waiting period of 2-3 months normally follows this phase. This is to allow the surrounding bone to fuse with the fixture.

During your second visit, the dentist will place the abutment. He or she may also place the restoration itself at this time. Once it’s ready, you’ll be ready to show off your fully restored smile to the world.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants