How Much Does Invisalign in Framingham Cost?

Invisalign in Framingham offers distinct advantages over traditional metal braces. Nonetheless, many people who could benefit from Invisalign therapy hesitate to see their dentist due to concerns over costs. Fortunately, Invisalign is not only effective it’s also affordable, especially when compared to the expenses associated with other options.

Costs for Invisalign Vs. Metal Braces

Only your dentist can tell you exactly how much Invisalign aligners will cost in your case. However, it is possible to give some ballpark figures. Some of the factors that can affect the fee structure include:

  • The amount of treatment you need to correct the underlying problem.
  • Your age and the state of your overall health.
  • The type of health coverage you carry.
  • The city or region of the country in which you live.

For most people, costs for Invisalign before insurance and discounts usually range from $2000-$5000. This compares favorably to expenses for traditional braces, which can cost up to $6000 or more.

Payment Plans and Other Helpful Options

The first resource you should consider is private dental coverage. Most plans cover a portion of Invisalign expenses. Check with your insurance representative, human resources specialist or benefits coordinator for more information.

Most Invisalign patients find that there is still an outstanding amount due after allowing for insurance contributions. There are a variety of ways to cover these costs, including private financing. Many lenders specialize in helping people to afford Invisalign and other dental procedures. Check with your financial institution or a reputable online source to find out more. You can also talk to your dentist about setting up payment plans.

Other Options to Consider

Nowadays there are more resources to help with the cost of dental care than ever before. Here are some other options for affording Invisalign:

  • Free and reduced-cost dental care clinics sponsored

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Do you wish your teeth were straighter? Thankfully, Invisalign treatment can give you a perfectly straight smile without the hassle, maintenance, and appearance of metal braces. Read on to learn the average cost of Invisalign in Framingham, why these clear aligners are worth the investment, and how they can improve your health and confidence from your local dentist.

The Average Cost

The cost of Invisalign can vary based on where you live, and the kind of alignment you need. For patients in the Framingham area, the average cost of this treatment is $5,000. This may seem like a big chunk of change, but Invisalign is a treatment well worth investing in. See below to learn why.

The Advantages of Invisalign

Here are some of the most common benefits patients see from receiving Invisalign:


Possibly their biggest benefit, Invisalign clear aligners allow you to straighten your smile without the unsightly look of metal braces. With Invisalign, you can go about your daily life without anyone noticing you’re on your way to a beautifully straight smile.


Since Invisalign aligners are removeable, you can take them out to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Rather than having food caught in your braces and bothering you all day, Invisalign offers the patient a chance to be able to eat whatever they want with confidence. Just make sure to rinse your teeth and your aligners before putting them back in your mouth.


Traditional braces are known well for their safety hazards. The metal brackets can get caught on the inside of your lip and cheek, which hurts a lot. And, if you play physical or contact sports, the chances of an injury due to braces are high.

Clear aligners are smooth and comfortable against your cheeks and lips. Additionally, they don’t trap